Understand the position of an asset in the market and the steps required to enhance existing cash flow.

  • Rental apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Self-Storage
  • Retail

Office Repositioning older real estate assets offers an opportunity for owners to leverage existing properties and enhance their cash flow. SVN Canada’s asset management advisory research follows a customized program of work that might include:

  • Demographic and tenant profiling to gain insight into the property’s current and future tenant profile.
  • Property audit, assessing all facets of the asset, including unit layout, features and finishes, building amenities, car parking, and landscaping.
  • Quality VS fiscal analysis to identify the current and potential market position of the property vis-à-vis comparable properties based on local market intelligence.
  • Analysis of financial statements to identify any operational inefficiencies and recommend solutions.

Explore actionable repositioning scenarios, the costs and timelines for their implementation, and achievable uplift in rents post-repositioning. In addition to providing a detailed a detailed asset management advisory research report, SVN Canada can also assist with the implementation of recommendations through:

  • Execute property improvement plan to take the asset to its optimum position in the marketplace.
  • Rent optimization – a regular market analysis of competitors and iterative pricing adjustment on a unit-by-unit basis.
  • Mystery shopping the subject property on a regular basis. The mystery shop identifies building or operational/staff problems and provides comprehensive feedback. Repeated mystery shopping allows building owners to continually monitor and improve service level, and ultimately drive financial results at the operational level.