Competitive Market Analysis Maximize investment decisions using detailed intelligence and market head data.

  • Rental apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Self-Storage
  • Retail

Office Knowledge is power, and in the real estate industry, timely market intelligence enables developers, purchasers, and owners/asset managers to understand market competition and make decisions powered by data. SVN Canada Research has one of Canada’s largest in-house databases of commercial real estate holdings, together with a team of five database researchers, who conduct primary and secondary research to compile detailed market surveys.Identify appropriate comparable/competitor properties and provide a rationale for the properties chosen.

  • Conduct a detailed market survey of the comparable/competitor properties identified. This market survey will contain the following analysis and commentary:
    • Rental rates, unit sizes and features of different unit types in comparable properties
    • Provision of amenities in comparable properties (as available/appropriate)
    • Provision of car parking and car parking rates at comparable properties (as available/appropriate).
  • Where necessary, complete mystery shops of the subject and/or comparable/competitor properties. The mystery shop identifies building or operational/staff problems and provides comprehensive feedback.
  •  Identify the current market position of the subject property with respect to competitor properties and suggest whether potential exists to raise rents at the client’s properties to market level.