Develop with confidence and optimize project potential. Determine the right property to build, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Rental apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Self-Storage
  • Retail

Office SVN Canada’s feasibility studies are comprehensive and objective boardroom-ready documents used by developers and required by lenders. The feasibility study combines demographic, economic, and housing indicators, market intelligence, and decades of expertise to help determine the feasibility of proceeding with the development of a specific site. These studies provide innovative recommendations for the developer to maximize the value of the proposed building, and provide a layer of confidence for developers, lenders, and investors alike.

  • Demographic, economic/employment, and housing analysis to identify demand, current supply, depth-off market, prospective tenant profile, and overall project feasibility.
  • Detailed market survey of comparable local competitors to understand the local market for a given asset class.
  • Recent transactions and capitalization rates.
  • Actionable recommendations to identify, where relevant, prospective tenant profile, unit sizing, unit mix, achievable rental rates, car parking, and project-specific recommendations.
  • Preliminary income/expense statement estimating operating revenues, operating expenses, net operating income, and stabilized building value.